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I am live sound engineer/tech who specializes in services that help artists and concert. And working on blockchain and fintech business.

アーティストやコンサートに役立つサービスを専門とするライブサウンドエンジニア/テックです。 そしてブロックチェーン/フィンテックビジネスに取り組んでいます。

I love life

About Me

Live Sound Engineer/Tech in Los Angeles. Fly around the world with the artist. Involved in the block chain business and is developing in the history of FinTech in the world.


Have a project that you need help with?

working on

Sound business


Involved in tour and concert of many artists. Has position experience with Mix, Monitor Tech, PA Tech, Audio Tech, etc.

working on

Blockchain/Fintech business


Blockchains will transform the artist and entertainment industry safely and securely.


FinTech is mixed words of financial and technology. The style of money in the world changes. Payment will also be secure.


The world is now entering the industrial revolution where technology such as blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence, IoT, cryptocurrency has get together. Also in the field of sound and entertainment.

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